Foreclosure Attorney New York


We constantly receive stellar scorecards from our clients as we meet, and usually beat, their timelines. For contested matters, our litigators are expected to “think outside of the box”, and have an outstanding track record of success with our summary judgment motions as well as an excellent reputation in the courts. We offer creative and innovative approaches to complex issues and work closely with clients’ Loss Mitigation Departments to settle matters whenever possible.

We utilize a leading case management system designed for Default Mortgage Servicing law firms which we have extensively customized to incorporate the myriad of additional tasks that must be completed throughout the New York foreclosure process.


We are certified SOC 2 Type 2 compliant and have passed our annual penetration test with zero exceptions. All Firm Policies and Procedures, including Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery policies, are fully documented and updated annually. Our physical security measures include key code punch lock to gain access to the office, security cameras throughout the office, locked server room with limited access, monitored by a physical camera. We conduct weekly staff training, throughout the year, regarding compliance with substantive law, office policies and safety procedures.


This commitment to expeditious response time is the very foundation of our firm’s culture. Our staff is required to respond to all client requests within twenty four (24) hours, and can quickly provide detailed chronologies or other requested information.

YOU CAN TALK TO THE BOSS! If our paralegals and staff attorneys are unable to respond to your satisfaction, the partners are always personally available, often outside of “normal” business hours and even if the request concerns a matter being handled by another firm!

We report to our clients via multiple channels of communication including Black Knight, ADR, Vendorscape, Lenstar, Tempo, and New Invoice. We can also create an interface for other systems, if needed.


We accept all GSE fee schedules as well as those of any major Default Mortgage Servicer.