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Roach & Lin, P.C. is a New York law firm with over 40 years of experience representing Default Mortgage Servicers in matters involving Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Evictions, REO Sales, Loss Mitigation and Litigation.

At Roach & Lin, we are lawyers that think outside of the box, finding creative and innovative approaches to assist Mortgage Servicers and Investors. The personal service and expeditious response time is the foundation of our practice. Read our article “Reducing the NY Foreclosure Timeline” to learn more about one of our creative approaches.


Roach & Lin, P.C. accepts all GSE fee schedules as well as those of any major lending institution or mortgage servicer.

Wall Street Quality at Long Island Prices

Roach & Lin, P.C. has acquired a reputation for creatively and successfully serving creditor’s rights in bankruptcy and foreclosure since 1979. Long Island Business News consistently ranks us amongst Long Island’s top law firms, yet we are small enough to always make your case a priority. Feel free to contact us at (516) 938-3100  or email us at info@roachlin.com

“The law office of Roach and Lin’s expertise and diligence has helped reduce foreclosure timelines on all of my NPL’s”

D. George, Spurs Capital

“The law firm of Roach & Lin continues to exceed our expectations in every way possible, as they outperform countless legal teams. As the owner of a national asset management company, we work with attorneys in almost every state, Roach & Lin wholeheartedly, hands down, is our favorite. Aside from their incredible legal expertise, and their ability to consistently operate with velocity, they work under an umbrella of integrity and incredible personal service. It’s one thing to be at the top of your industry in performance, it is another to do it while providing ‘Nordstrom’s’ customer service. Roach & Lin encapsulates that philosophy.”

S. Favazzo , Cade Capital, LLC

“Roach & Lin 律师事务所是少有在纽约长岛由华人经营管理的团队. 他们为我们细心辦理购买房屋
的交易. 在我们的房地产交易里为我们争取最高的利益. 绝对是值得信赖与推荐的律师事务所.”

H.Y. Tam

“Roach & Lin, P.C. is a rare gem in Long Island New York that is managed by Chinese speaking management. They handled the purchase of our house with utmost care. They were always looking out for our best interest during our real estate transaction. I highly recommend using them for your real estate transactions!”

H.Y. Tam


UPDATE – Zombie Foreclosures: Are they coming for you?

Due to the housing crisis of the past 5 years, efforts have been made to give homeowners every conceivable chance to avoid the foreclosures of their properties, so that they are not forced out of their homes. While well-intentioned, some of these provisions have resulted in unintended consequences. One such impact has been the rise of “zombie foreclosures.”


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