Eviction Lawyer New York & Long Island

We handle evictions of foreclosed properties, including “property evictions”, throughout New York State.

Just as the myriad of New York consumer protection laws complicate and delay foreclosures, so do they complicate and delay evictions. Our extensive knowledge of these laws enable us to avoid mistakes in this hyper-technical field and the costly delays they would cause.

There is more to expediting evictions; however, than just knowing the law. The relationships we have developed over the years with the NYC Marshalls, NYS Sheriffs and their staffs have proven to be invaluable, especially when we need a quick response!

Cash for Keys – We understand that the cost of carrying real estate taxes and insurance, not to mention lost interest, can be quite substantial and that even the best lawyers can only do so much in court. Accordingly, while we vigorously pursue the eviction proceeding, we suggest to the occupants, at every opportunity, that they contact the Servicer to inquire about a “Cash for Keys” agreement.