New York Default Services & Loss Mitigation

Serving The Rights of Creditors Since 1979

Roach & Lin, P.C., is a New York law firm with over 35 years of experience in real estate law default mortgage services including Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, Evictions, REO Sales, Loss Mitigation and Litigation.

We represent Mortgage Services, Financial Institutions and Investors throughout the country, who we visit and provide training to regularly, including New York, Florida, California, and Texas. We only represent Creditors; we do not represent Debtors.

Areas of Practice

Foreclosure: Our ability to “think outside of the box”, enables our experienced team to proceed as expeditiously as possible to reduce the New York foreclosure timeline, the lengthiest in the country, to a minimum. Our fully automated case management system, CaseAware, helps us to efficiently manage our cases, quickly respond to all requests for status updates, and maintain our excellent track record of success throughout New York State.

Bankruptcy: Our Bankruptcy practice focuses on foreclosure related matters. We file Motions for Relief (MFRs), establish our client’s “Standing” when Assignments of Mortgages are lost, file Proofs of Claim (POCs), review Bankruptcy Plans and Object to Confirmation, when warranted.

Loss Mitigation: We have a separate Loss Mitigation Department, that actively seeks to settle disputes, regardless of which one of our other departments is handling the matter. For a sample of our creativity, please see our article entitled “Reducing the New York Foreclosure Timeline

Eviction: Our Eviction team is well trained to commence and prosecute evictions from the moment we receive the referral. Upon issuance of a warrant, we contact and follow up with the Marshalls and Sheriffs until the premises are vacated or the physical lock-out is completed.

Real Estate: We represent purchasers and sellers of Single Family Homes, Condominiums and Co-Ops. Mr. Roach has taught Real Estate Finance at Saint John’s University School of Law for over thirty years and has been elected as a Real Estate SuperLawyer every year since 2008. Additionally, our staff is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and Taiwanese and Spanish!

Litigation: Each of our departments are supported by our Litigation team should the matter become contested. While our track record for granted motions in contested matters is outstanding, we also recognize that the cost of litigation may often outweigh its value, so we will always employ the most appropriate and cost-effective strategy.

Collection: Our “sister firm”, Roach & Murtha, P.C. focuses solely on the collection of unsecured debts of all types, on a contingency basis, so no fees are ever incurred, unless money is actually recovered. The numerous databases they have access to, and the proprietary software that communicates directly with New York’s largest lending institutions, enables the locating and restraint of bank accounts and the garnishment of wages.