Experienced Debt Collection Attorneys | New York, NY

The New York collection attorneys at Roach & Lin, P.C. have been helping businesses recover debt for more than 35 years.

Roach & Lin, P.C., is a law firm based in Nassau County, Long Island with a practice limited to enforcement of creditors’ rights throughout New York State. The Debt Collection group – an experienced staff of collectors, legal assistants and attorneys – is engaged solely in collecting debts and can assist in the collection of any type and amount of debt, including judgments, promissory notes and accounts receivable. The group will also liquidate security interests on equipment or vehicle leases through repossession of the asset and pursuit of a deficiency judgment for the balance.

Roach & Lin, P.C. utilizes the latest debt collection software and techniques to electronically receive cases, if desired, and to facilitate the speedy exchange of information with its clients, providing up to the minute status on its matters throughout the collection process.

Our experienced New York debt collectors make every effort to secure payment before suit is necessary. The firm’s technology allows payments to be obtained by telephone or online via the firm’s website. If suit is necessary, our collection attorneys guide the matter through the litigation process to entry of judgment.

Once judgment is entered, our lawyers use various tools to locate and restrain assets and income that can be applied to the satisfaction of the judgment. The firm utilizes specifically developed software to locate debtor’s bank accounts, enabling restraining notices to be forwarded to those banks which “freeze” the funds on deposit so they can be garnished and applied towards the judgment.

If initial attempts at locating assets do not result in satisfaction of the judgment, our attorneys will use various other means including income executions, information subpoenas and examinations of debtors, in order to compel payment and satisfaction of the judgment.

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