Prior Foreclosure Not An “Act of Acceleration”!

By now, most servicers are fully familiar with New York’s Statute of Limitations and the nuance that it only begins to run on each installment when it becomes due unless accelerated. (See my article about the Statute of Limitations).  

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Loss Mitigation: The Bankruptcy Process

In our last article, we discussed the Loss Mitigation procedures that occur in the state court, as part of the foreclosure process. In addition, Servicers are required to participate in Loss Mitigation within the Bankruptcy Court, once a Borrower files a Bankruptcy Petition. Since the Bankruptcy Court is a part of the federal court system, the process begins anew, regardless of what occurred at the state court mediation. 

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Loss Mitigation: The NY State Court Process

Prior to 2008, a New York foreclosure would be completed in a year or less. While Loss Mitigation existed, it was not a formal process as it is today, it's something that Servicers did throughout the foreclosure process. This process, known as “Dual Tracking”, was intended to avoid delays in the foreclosure process should the Loss Mitigation efforts fail, but is now prohibited by the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. Read about it by clicking into our previous article.

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